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We are here to empower the World with renewable energy solutions, smarter recycling systems, and raise the accessibility to new technologies for everyone!

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    Solar & Wind Energy

    Innovative design and the latest technologies are the key characteristics of our electrification line. 

    From powering a house or streets electrification SCE team will provide the most suitable setup for your project!

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    Turn Your Waste Into A Cooking Gas

      Biogas technology can not only provide fuel but is also important for protecting the environment, realizing agricultural recycling, as well as improving the sanitary conditions, in rural areas. 

    Our BioGas digesters are available in different sizes(individual homes, farms, industrial recycling) and easy-to-assemble! Using generators is also a great option in the case of gas-to-electricity production and storage.

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    EV Charging

    Challenging the global carbon emission problem is important to provide the best possible infrastructure to everyone that uses eco-focused products and vehicles.

    We offer a wide range of solar, wind&biogas powered chargers for cars, e-bikes, e-scooters, and electronics. 

     We've also set the LED touch screen display which gives information on charge status, road systems and conditions, and the nearest recharging points. 

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    Self-Sustainable Business

    Ready for the future? Complete self-sustainable business solution(no employee full-time needed):

    • Prefabricated "container" shop
    • Solar&Wind Energy Powered
    • Vending Machines for selling

    Choose from multiple concepts "ready to go" or design the custom one. Manage your store supply with SCE online dashboard and refill the products!

    40feet mobile container coffee shop smart city solutions
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    Smart Home

    When SCE uses containers to design projects, the possibilities are truly endless. We can address a wide range of specific needs our clients may have. Combining shipping containers and traditional construction techniques and materials allows for even more diversification, flexibility, and design option.

    Standard models come w/ solar&wind powered turbines, security cameras, smart lock, usage(waste) control, and a central management dashboard access for data tracking. 

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    Marketing & Advertising

     Our technologies and collaborations allow providing all-in-one marketing solutions. Work with advertisers & businesses, track the data and monetize your space!

    The resulting highly impacting advertising space has real-time wireless updating and is ideal for road roundabouts, airports, railway stations, shopping centers, parks, museums, or exhibition locations. 

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    Start Recycling Today

    Contact us with your upcoming project and Smart City Expert will be guiding you thru the whole process during this journey! 

    Computer recycling problems and solutions

Our Credo



Using waste management tools(smart electricity management, gas leak detection, water, etc) help to reduce your bills by 40%

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Optimizing "waste map" and reusing helps to find better ways to manage your CO2 footprint and significantly drop your cost of living and operations 

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Recycling's importance is unspeakable! Following simple rules and implementing smart recycling allows products to be used to their fullest extent 

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We're always seeking for a new challenges! Let's work together on making the world a better place to live!

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  • Covering than 40% of World's land in our service area
  • Over 65% of our partners located in Europe
  • Years of experience in SmartCity concepts implementation
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